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Both sides of my family have histories of alcoholism, substance abuse, and/or mental illness like depression, anxiety, suicide. My parents experienced the instability that accompanies these conditions in their youth. However, they interrupted these cycles and gave me a stable life with security, love, and laughter. My mother recognized what a miracle it was to that break that family curse. She always said "there but for the grace of God, go I" and sought ways to be of service to show her gratitude. When I was in elementary school, we started volunteering weekly at St. Ben's Community Meal Program. It was a blessing to me because I learned how small acts of love can change people's lives. I strive to live up to my mother's example of unconditional love for her neighbors and to share her lessons with my children. My mother passed away in 2017 but I am so fortunate to have found a group of people who live this legacy every day. Street Angels is a small but mighty group of hope dealers. In my world, hope stands for "hang on pain ends." They work to make sure that people experiencing homelessness are treated with dignity and when someone reaches out their hand for help that there's a hand reaching back.

This year, I will be joining the fundraising efforts for their 48 Hour challenge. We have a big, hairy, kinda scary goal of raising $150,000. This will ensure we can continue outreach efforts to people who are unhoused (seeing about 145 people a night), connecting folks with resources to help them transition off the street, and *new this year* safely operating a warming room for on nights when the temperatures dip below 32 degrees. We believe people should have a right to shelter when it's freezing. Wisconsin averages about 50 cold related deaths a year. We are going to do our best to reduce that number this year. We estimate it'll cost $1,000 a night for staffing and providing safe facilities.

My ask is that you help me sponsor one night of this crucial service. Our goal seems formidable but my family is evidence that miracles happen.