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Your support will not only save lives, it will CHANGE lives!  image

Your support will not only save lives, it will CHANGE lives!

Please consider helping me, help my friends.


$680 towards $1,000

A leader is a dealer in hope. --Napoleon Bonaparte.

What is a HOPE DEALER? It's meeting someone where they are and letting them know you care. It's that easy. It's learning someone's name and hearing their story. It's long days and late nights. It's consistency and commitment. It's lending your voice to the unheard. It's fighting for injustice. It's about never giving up. It's about being a FRIEND!

"When you give a homeless man a plate of food, they're still're not changing anything with a plate of food. What you're really doing is saying, I SEE YOU, YOU ARE NOT INVISIBLE."--Same Kind of Different Than Me.

Every night in Milwaukee, there are over 1,000 individuals who are experiencing homelessness. Due to lack of adequate and dignified shelter space, many have no other option than to seek refuge on our streets. Two years ago I had to watch as my friends were turned away from a warm building due to lack of space.

Street Angels travels the streets of Milwaukee 156 nights per year to not only hand out hot meals and basic survival supplies, we're helping human beings (mothers, fathers, sons and daughters). We're saying, WE SEE YOU, YOU ARE NOT INVISIBLE. It's letting someone know that they are cared for and that there is HOPE. As a result of Street Angels efforts, since July of 2018, we have been able to connect and guide 320 individuals to permanent housing resources. Success happens! I've been a witness!

That's why once again this year, I will be sleeping outdoors for 48 hours to help raise awareness about homelessness in Milwaukee, while simultaneously raising funds for the important work of the Street Angels mission. Street Angels is financially supported by philanthropic grants, local foundations and most important, YOU! OUR COMMUNITY.

It is our goal this year to raise $150,000. These funds will be used to support not only our nightly outreach, but provide a safe place for individuals to seek refuge from the harsh Wisconsin winter. Street Angels will be opening a warming space within our facility beginning November 1st to be open for 120 consecutive nights. This truly is LIFE-SAVING and LIFE-CHANGING work! We need your HELP!

Thank you for helping me, help my friends! I am honored to be your vessel. --Shelly