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My 48 Hour Campaign - Help me help the homeless.

Join me and help make a difference, please give today.

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The street sleep challenge is something that many of our fundraiser individuals are doing. The challenge is in conjunction with Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach. For 48 hours, they will leave their homes with nothing except for the items on their backs. We are going to need your support! My personal fundraiser goal is $333.33. In doing this, you will also be supporting Street Angels’ overall goal of raising $48,000 in 48 hours. Please join me in supporting our local fundraisers in their goal of bringing some needed food, supplies, and more shelter to our homeless in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Street Angels directly supports those in need in our community. Please consider supporting them as I have for many years. If you cannot support monetarily today please consider making bag lunches or bringing water for the volunteers to disperse throughout the year. You can sign up on their website PM me if you are interested in joining forces for making bag lunches (I'm signed up for December 6th, 2020)

Street Angels is a local (501c3) non-profit that helps meet the basic needs of individuals experiencing homeless in Milwaukee County. Street Angels operates 156 nights per year, 3 nights per week providing hot meals, bag lunches, clothing, blankets, shelter and most important, HOPE to hundreds of individuals experiencing homelessness. But that isn’t all. When Street Angels’ hands someone a hot meal, they’re opening a door for them. They are there to learn their stories and help them take steps to end their homelessness. Never heavy-handed. Never bureaucratic. Their work is friend to friend.

Currently, Street Angels is seeing about 140 friends each night and the number keeps growing. Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on people’s livelihoods, unemployment is sky high, and evictions are resuming after the moratorium. Also critical are the terrible effects of mental health problems and addiction. New people are becoming homeless every day. They are frightened, penniless, and don’t know where to turn. Street Angels is there for them.

By helping me, you are helping hundreds of individuals who would otherwise be lost and without HOPE.