Jenni Mastrogiovanni
Jenni Mastrogiovanni's Fundraiser
7 Days Left

My 48 Hour Campaign - Help me help the homeless.

Join me and help make a difference, please give today. Every little bit helps and lets our friends on the streets know that we care about them.

$2,025 towards $2,500

This year I am taking the “48 Hours of Homelessness-Street Sleep” challenge in conjunction with Street Angels Milwaukee Outreach.

For 48 hours, I will leave my home with nothing except for the items on my back. I am going to need your support! My new personal fundraiser goal is $2500. In doing this, you will also be supporting Street Angels’ overall goal of raising $48,000 in 48 hours. During my time away from my home, I will be looking to you, my friends and family, to help me earn my basic survival needs.

During my 48-hour fundraiser, I will receive each of these things when I reach it’s fundraising level:


$50=Bottled Water

$100=Sleeping bag

$200=Snack bag


$500=Change of clothes/boots

$700=Book and deck of cards

$900=30-minute phone charge

$1100=Breakfast, lunch and dinner each day

$1300=Hygiene Bag

$1500=Use of Fire Pit

$1700=Use of Wi-Fi

$1900=FaceTime with my Mom

$2000=Visits from friends

$2500=My new stretch goal and 6 hour early bail out

EVERY DONATION HELPS! I will need your help to survive, and depending on the weather, your generosity could literally keep me from freezing at night! I am choosing to endure these conditions for a few days and will share my experience on social media to bring awareness to the critical needs of our homeless friends. If you would like to make an in-person donation and see my camp, I’ll be able to disclose my location when I reach $500 in donations.

Thank you in advance for all your support!


Street Angels is a local (501c3) non-profit that helps meet the basic needs of individuals experiencing homeless in Milwaukee County. Street Angels operates 156 nights per year, 3 nights per week providing hot meals, bag lunches, clothing, blankets, shelter and most important, HOPE to 130 individuals experiencing homelessness at this time. But that isn’t all. When Street Angels’ hands someone a hot meal, they’re opening a door for them. They are there to learn their stories and help them take steps to end their homelessness. Never heavy-handed. Never bureaucratic. Their work is friend to friend. Your generosity makes all this work possible - THANK YOU